Horror Flash Fiction Anthology

This spooky anthology by Eli Taff, Jr. is a collection of ten flash fiction stories packed with cosmic horror and unbelievable terror that will keep you on the edge of your seat and have you sleeping with the lights on. The evil clown that steps out of a childhood memory and kills with a touch; the terrified mother who finds a monster in her daughter's bedroom; the unfaithful businessman who gets off the subway at the wrong stop; the gangster who robs the wrong old lady on the wrong night. Each microfiction horror story is exactly five hundred words long, and one or more can be easily devoured in a single sitting.

About the Author

Eli Taff, Jr.'s first book, the flash fiction anthology Killer Space Clown, was published in 2018. He is currently working on the Crystal War Saga series and the accompanying flash fiction anthologies, starting with Flashes of Death and Darkness, which will be published on February 19, 2019. He grew up in Hawaii, where he met his beautiful wife (his muse and inspiration), Chelsey. Together, they have two Pekingese pups and a little blue Parrotlet. Eli Taff, Jr. has been fortunate enough to gain experience and recognition as an actor, singer, and director. His experience onstage and behind-the-scenes has helped him transition into teaching, and he taught drama and performing arts at a local private school for four years. A lifelong gamer, Eli Taff Jr.'s other hobbies include video games, pen-and-paper roleplayimg games, and miniature wargames.

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