Flashes of Blood and Glory Preorder

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Preorder it today!


It seems crazy that this wasn’t my first post on this blog, since this anthology is the first book I have ever put up for sale, but here it is haha!

This anthology of flash fiction stories chronicles many of the events and characters that play a prominent part in the history of the planet of Parth, from the early Age of Myth and Legend, though the medieval age where The Crystal War changes the course of history for all of the races, all the way through the Dwarven-led Age of Steam, and right up through the “current” Age of Shadows, where much of the action is centered on what was once known as The Black Fortress.

I hope you join me in taking this whirlwind tour of the history of Parth and its peoples in Flashes of Blood and Glory!

Flash fiction is a style of writing where the stories are all self-contained (having a beginning, middle, and end) and are limited to 500 words. I could easily go over that and make short stories of all of these flashes, but I’ve decided to stick to the hard limit I have set for myself. It allows me to discipline my writer’s brain by streamlining my fiction, and also allows me to produce stories short enough to read while you’re waiting for the bus, or sitting through a commercial break, or waiting at the dentist’s office.

Thanks for reading!
Eli Taff, Jr.

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