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What Now?

My ebook Killer Space Clown released today, and when the euphoria (similar to a proud father watching his child run off to preschool without crying or looking for papa) wore off, I found myself wondering, “What do I do, now?”

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I’m a self-publishing master! What do I do, now?” Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The most obvious answer is: “Write another book!”

That’s great advice. Writing and Marketing is a two headed beast that constantly demands attention, lest one of those heads gets jealous and bites you in half. You must constantly be doing everything you can for either one or the other to be appeased.

Now that the book was up, it made sense for me to dust off the old laptop, boot up Scrivener, and get back to writing.

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“I should be writing…” Photo by picjumbo.com on Pexels.com

Unfortunately, that would also mean that I’d be leaving my current baby (Poor Killer Space Clown) alone at Day Care, looking around and wondering where his daddy is.

We live in an amazing time, where self-published authors have it easier than ever to keep control of their brand and their business, and to succeed in such a competitive marketplace.

Enter Storiad

A tool that I’ve found indispensable as I’ve been prepping my book for launch is Storiad.

Storiad has been so helpful in helping me make sense of the Marketing side of my business.

Let’s face it. I’m a writer with very little business experience.

Most writers out there want to write and publish their books but don’t know too much about marketing and getting their book out to as many readers as possible.

Even though I’ve only recently taken the plunge and signed up for the Storiad Pro Plan, I have to report that I am very happy with it. The price $34.99/month is worth every penny, as Storiad helps you put together a Marketing Plan (very comprehensive, after answering a few questions, it figured out just what I needed and all of the steps I’d need to take to see my book succeed long after launch) and an ePressKit for reviewers and members of the press or anyone you need to send a copy of publicity to. What I find most amazing, however, besides all of the features I haven’t even gone into in this post, is that you can search thousands of records of industry professionals and influencers, and reach out to them to request a review, a blurb, an interview, anything!

Instead of going out there and looking for these people on your own, you just send Storiad’s internet bloodhounds out into the darkness of the web, and they bring back a list of everything from Book Reviewer Bloggers to Editors to Literary Magazines to Youtubers, etc. who would be interested in your genre or topic.

I cannot say enough good things about Storiad, and they’re not even paying me for this post, so go figure. If you’re an author without much experience in Marketing (which we will all need to have if we want to succeed at self-publishing without the older brother care of a big publishing house), then we will need tools like Storiad to help us succeed.

Storiad Pros:

  • A detailed, VERY in-depth Marketing Plan tailored to whatever you’re doing.
  • An ePressKit that can be sent to anyone for publicity.
  • The opportunity to search The Storiad Book Industry Contacts Database (with 30k+ contacts) to target and segment the professionals and influencers that you want to contact, then give you a template for an introduction letter that takes all the guesswork out of cold-calling them.
  • Storiad offers a 15 minute screen share session with someone on the Storiad Team to help you get the most out of your experience with Storiad.

Storiad Cons:

  • $34.99/month seems like a steep price to pay for beginning self-published authors. It won’t take long for them to see how valuable that investment is, but for many it might bar them from even stepping into the club to see if they belong at that party.
  • That’s it. Seriously, there might be more negatives that I haven’t found yet, but the positives are so great at this point.


Thanks for reading, everyone! Hope this little post was helpful, and I hope you self-published authors take advantage of Storiad. It’s an amazing service.

See you in the trenches!

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